Our recent visit to Washington DC

It was one of those trips we kept putting off.  Why? no good reason really.  Our window to take vacations starts in November and goes through the winter until April 1st.

One of our guests at Little Boy Resort works at the Pentagon and was willing to get us a tour, he told us last summer that he wasn’t sure how long he might be there.  So we finally decided to book our trip.

We rented a room in Old Alexandria and followed his daily instructions aka “personal tour guide” on paper.  He laid out each day with what he thought we could manage and what made the most sense from our list of “must see places”.

In five days we visited the most popular monuments and historical sites.  Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, JFK, Martin Luther King and Lincoln Monuments.  Along with WWII, Vietnam and  Korean war memorials. Arlington Cementary and the Pentagon.  The White House and the Capital.  Whew, and quickly went through 4 of the Smithsonians.

We visited King Street in Old Alexandria and had Dinner with his family at their home in Fairfax.

We were so amazed at how all of these have been maintained, how close everything is together, and how convenient they make everything by way of the Metro system.

My thoughts on the “Most Amazing”  Arlington Cementary; the precision of stone placement, the enormous amount of property with headstones covering every acre, the changing of the guards and the sense of peace and pride you feel as you walk about.

The Pentagon; you can not imagine the size of this place.  More people work inside than lived in my home town.  20,000 workers pace about, visit the dentist, get a hair cut, buy flowers, diamonds or lunch.  5 floors, 5 rings, 5 sections with 6 acres of court yard in the middle and a beautiful memory garden from 911.

You can truly see the Capital and Washington Monument from everywhere.

It is a must SEE for all, young, old, experienced, educated or not.  You leave with a whole new meaning of AMERICAN PRIDE.  Also, it is the most affordable vacation you will go on.  All sites offer free admission.

Don’t wait to see the world, plan your next vacation, learn something new about the world we live in.  Have fun and make memories.


image“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

-Walt Disney

This Thanksgiving is something extra special, I am a long way from home, but I am blessed to have friends that brought me into their family and have given me another home.

Home is really a place you feel comfortable and safe…. A place you know and has deep meaning to you.

The reason I chose the Walt Disney quote is because this past year has been an awesome experience and I want to continue this awesomeness from this adventure for the rest of my life. What I mean by that is I don’t want to settle for average… I want to dream the impossible and work each day to achieve it.

So last thought I want to share with you… Whoever may read this:

Life is short. Make each day count. Make sure you are happy.

Lets work towards are dreams and make it a little bit closer every new day.

Your friend,
Mr. 92
Dillon Loren